Hi, I'm Katja. A thought collector and a meticulous form designer.

I work with business owners who are frustrated by finding a way for their brand to really connect their vision to their clients.

I help them create visuals that bring their vision alive.

 Foto:  Matevz Kostanjsek

Foto: Matevz Kostanjsek

about me


I make vision look optically stunning.. This because I'm a practitioner of aesthetics which follow the form.

 A form is not just your physical product or service but your thoughts, your knowledge, your experience. Form is your meaning, an essential reason for living your life, reason for conveying things in the way you do.

When we will enter the design process you will understand your product, your service, you will be able to see and feel what you have envisioned for the first time.

Design make things real. It make it real to you and it makes it real to your audience.

I'm here to bring everything you have imagined, planned and created to one place. To give your mind shape and size for your audience to be able to see, understand and relate to your core message. To use what you have built and what you're building.

I am also a perpetual student. My passion is to discover and build on my knowledge. I want to learn. Your vision is my drive, I want to learn from you.



My clients range from those in the fashion and beauty industry to dance and fitness
instructors, to coaches and business incubators.

I also like to engage into self-initiative projects exploring human prime instincts, senses and emotions in relation to media creation and consumption.

For the past three years I have been conducting interviews with clients and their prospect to understand what they are really saying and combining that with the observations. I developed a thorough understanding on how to fit new concepts to the needs and wishes of my clients in relation to their prospect.

I can help you with brand and project strategies, design consultation, designing identities, logos special character design, certificate marks, book and magazine cover, print marketing material and recognition design.


Client Reviews

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Katja and I met through a small business ownership program. During our time together, I showed her two documents that I had created to share with my clients. She offered to improve the readability. I was intrigued because I had never worked with a graphic designer before and I thought my grammar and paragraph structure was fine and that they looked professional. She explained to me in more detail what she could do. I was intrigued, so I decided to work with her.

In short order, she made the documents come to life and they were ten times easier and more enjoyable to read! The graphics, font, paragraph structure, and layout looked so much better. I then understood the value of what she had originally offered to give to me. She took my work to the next level and made it so much more professional. This was important because I wanted my written content to reflect the high level of my client work. I also learned some very handy tips along the way that will be helpful in any written work that I do. I now understand how invaluable it can be to work with a graphic designer, especially if that graphic designer is Katja!”
— Judith Dolt, Business owner at Twilight Organizing
Katja took the time for me and my business idea, she was professional and she held up the deadlines. In certain cases, she was the one who drove me on so that my business implementations were as they should be.
— Janja Juretic, Co-Founder at Zate in Zame s.p.
I was very pleased with Katja’s service. She had many ideas and at the same time, she took into account the ideas that I had.
— Nada volaj, Business Owner at Kozmeticni salon nada s.p.
Katja did exactly what I have envisioned.
— Roger Anglin, Co-founder at arra & partners ltd.
Extremely satisfied with Katja’s service! When our company had it’s grand opening, we wanted to hand out leaflets to our guests. We had a general idea about the content, but haven’t even thought about design. Katja helped us better articulate our message and create a great design. Will definitely work with her again in the future!
— Jernej Pangersic, CEO at Katapult d.o.o.



To hand over what you have visualised into someone elses hands is not an easy task. Right now you are not sure how it will be conveyed and how it will work for you.

To elevate any apprehension, you will not be handing over your vision completely. I use the approach of partnering with my clients and walk you through every step. Therefore, you will be able to assert your thoughts with ease.

As a designer I will provide you with:: 

  • the clarity of your vision

  • the accountability to apply your design in timely manner

  • the feedback of your prospects and users to keep the designs on the right track

  • all the support you need to make your vision a success

  • wonderfully designed material for you and your clients to see, feel, understand and relate to your core message

So the next step is easy. Contact me using the form below and I will respond within 24 hours.