This site is under construction. But you'll be able to scout out for more information very soon.

Meanwhile, there is no reason why not to start your process today and 

get your logo design:

✓ Aligned with your brand

✓ Which you and your clients love

✓ And differentiable from all the clutter out there

For your logo to have its maximum effect.

This effect:

✓ Enhances your brand

✓ Increases the loyalty of your existing customers

✓ Attracting new clients with your own unique look

What is so special about this service?

Nothing is left to a coincidence. The shapes, the colours the letters are deliberate, backed up with quantitative data and research of your customers.

The next step is:

Tell me about your business and your situation. AND BRING ME YOUR PROBLEMS here.

Who is it for:

This service is for businesses who value design and see it as important for their success in business and well-being of their customers.

For who this service isn't:

If you're fine with where you are, this service won't help you.

Foto: Matevž Kostanjšek

Foto: Matevž Kostanjšek

Katja is on-target designer based in Slovenia.

She loves to learn. A lot. Design enabels her  to learn through  experiences, knowledge and skills of other people.

She is using the design to pinpoint the most attractive and valuable feature of your business to your prospects.

By combining design strategy and art she creates the look, matching the sensory system of you and your target audience.